With the warm weather fast approaching, also comes the time to begin regular lawn maintenance. What are the necessary actions to take when preparing for regrowth of grass, flower beds, shrubs, and more?

  • De-weeding Flower Beds: Weeds being present in flower beds can not only be unpleasant to the eye but also physically harm other plants in the area. The ability for plants and flowers to grow can be difficult when competing for water and sunlight with weeds.
  • Shaping and Pruning: Pruning a shrub or tree before growth begins again can be essential to the plant’s health. Remove dead branches and help shape the plant by trimming in order to improve the form of the plant.
  • Fertilizing: With the dormant time of the winter, plants may need extra help with restarting growth. Fertilizing helps bring balance and provides necessary nutrients such as nitrogen and potassium. 
  • Applying Fresh Mulch: Preemptively laying mulch in flower beds has multiple good aspects, such as holding in soil moisture and preventing the spread of weeds.

It’s time to restart regular care of your landscape, and Creative Scapes can help with all of your lawn care needs. If you don’t have time for these spring cleaning activities contact us at (513)407-8185.