Okay, so Christmas isn’t actually here yet, but Halloween has come and go, so technically, it’s time to start preparing for the most wonderful time of the year!

If you are like some of our staff, you already have the Hallmark movies playing 24 hours a day, your fleece pajamas are out of storage, and hot cocoa is your beverage of choice!

Yes, there is nothing like this magical season!

But….. Hanging lights!

Yes, we understand your struggle. You want your home to look like the winter wonderland that it is, but getting up on that ladder in the cold for hours is something that NO ONE looks forward to..Well, unless you’re this guy.

How Solar Christmas Lights Work: Components & Process

If you aren’t feeling up to matching Clark’s energy when it comes to exterior decorations, we have great news for you! Creative Scapes will hang your lights for you!

Here are some examples of the styles of lights that we hang!


creative scapes christmas lights

Creative Scapes Red and Green Chrismtas lights

Creative Scapes Hanging Lights Cinncinnati

Creativescapes Christmas

Creative Scapes Team Hanging Lights Cincinnnati

These are just a few examples of what style of lights the Creative Scapes team can bring to your home!

Prices start at $500-$1,100 for a small project, $1,200-$2,400 for a medium job, and $2,500+ for a large job.

For more information on this service, give us a call today at (513)407-8185! Be sure to book your home soon because our schedule fills up quick!