Yes, you read that right!

There is no such thing as being too prepared, especially with lawn maintenance!

Although the leaves are just beginning to fall, being proactive with scheduling a Fall Clean-Up from the Creative Scapes team will ensure that your lawn is prepared for Winter!

You may be asking, “What is a Fall Clean-Up?”

Fall Clean-Up is…

  • Pruning Trees and Shrubs:

    Pruning is the process of trimming back limbs from a tree or shrub to encourage growth. In order to keep your favorite landscaping features around, like a shrub, proper pruning must take place!

  • Raking Leaves:

    This may be the most obvious fall maintenance item, but also the most important to the appearance of your lawn! Our team will rake and dispose of the thousands of leaves that inhabit your yard, so when Spring rolls around next year, the grass will be uncovered and ready to sprout!

  • Cleaning Garden Beds:

    Maybe it is time for some of those flowers to be taken out, or there is debris scattered throughout your garden bed? Creative Scapes will tidy up and clean out whatever plants no longer need to be around.

  • Bring in the Mums!:

    No, we aren’t talking about Mothers. We are talking about the gorgeous fall bloom known as mums! These flowers range in color from red, orange, yellow, and more! Just let us know that you want these included in your Fall Clean-Up, and we’ll do the rest!

Now that you are fully up to date on what we offer in our fall clean-up service, give us a call to schedule a time for your lawn! Oh, and Happy Fall Y’all!