Fellow Cincinnatians, we don’t want to jinx ourselves, but…can you feel a hint of Spring in the air?!

Yes, we think our senses are correct! Spring is nearing our backyards, although the groundhog begs to differ!

However, we don’t think that there is any harm in preparing for Spring. In fact, we encourage being proactive with your landscape! How, you may ask?

Spring Clean Up!

Here are our recommended tips on how to ready your garden for buds and blooms!

  • Cleaning up leaves, debris, dead material in shrubs: This will encourage growth in those flower beds when the warm temps roll around!
  • Picking up trash/sticks: Playing some pick up sticks will prevent dead areas of grass!
  • De-weeding beds: Pulling those weeds out will leave more room for plant’s roots to grow!
  • Shaping and corrective pruning: Your bushes and plants will be healthier and well-rounded, ready to start their growth!
  • Applying a pre-emergence herbicide application: This helps prevent germination of weed seeds!
  • Fertilizer application for shrubs: Fertilization is one of the most important steps of growth for shrubs. Don’t miss this step!
  • Finally, applying a fresh layer mulch to your landscaped beds and trees: To wrap up the whole process!

The best part about preparing for Spring?

Creative Scapes can complete ALL of these actions listed for your lawn!

So be proactive with your landscape! Give us a call today to book your Spring Maintenance!