Well, we wished for snow so much at Christmastime, but the shipping was about a month behind!
As you are most likely aware, the tristate was struck/graced with a massive amount of snow recently! Depending on your outlook, you are either in winter wonderland or an anxious mess about the messy roads. If you are in the second position, there is an excellent chance that the Creative Scapes team can help!

During this past storm, our team ventured out into the inches upon inches of snow in the middle of the night, and began to clear out parking lots, sidewalks, and driveways for our customers! The next day, shoppers of stores were able to safely park in the lots, and commuters didn’t have to stress about shoveling their car out to make it to work on time!

Shoveling Driveway Shoveling Sidewalk Cleared Walmart Lot Cleared Lot Snow Plow Truck

If you are interested in using our snow clearing services, give us a call at (513)407-8185 before the next big storm to have peace of mind!