Although fall brings some annoyances, such as the constant clutter of leaves on your lawn, lets focus on the good plants that bring the colorful leaves! Shrubs! Nothing fills up space quite like a beautiful shrub. Whether it be lining your drive way, or sprucing up a blank space in your lawn, any of these shrubs will surely enhance your home.

  • Witch Hazel: Fitting for the month of October! However, we hate to say that a creepy cackle does not come with this shrub. However, that is not to say that its bright bursts of orange and red leaves won’t leave you with the chills from how delightful it looks!
  • Virginia Creeper: Again, the names are incredibly fitting for Halloween! The Virginia Creeper likes to slither and climb on objects like a retaining wall, adding a beautiful bright red to purple color. However we will warn you that this plant loves to grow fast!
  • Spirea: Have only a few feet that need covered? The Spirea only grows to 3 feet in height, so this shrub is the perfect filler! It also features different colors year round, so you’ll always be surprised by its beauty!