Throughout our years in business, Creative Scapes has helped so many achieve their landscaping dreams! However, we realize that many may not be aware of the projects that we are capable of completing, so we have created an article to show you some of our favorite recent projects!

  •   A lovely addition: This customer was weary that erosion that would eventually begin to eat away at their existing patio. Our team was able to map out an exact plan for how we could not only concur the erosion, but also add a bit of flare to the solution!

  • Out with the old, in with the new: This family already had a beautiful garden behind their home, but were more interested in gaining entertainment space for their guests. Creative Scapes was able to completely resurface the area, and add in beautiful brick and a welcoming gondola!

  • From bare, to breathtaking: This newer home already had plenty of space in the backyard, but the customer felt inspired to place a deck in the corner. Our team exceeded their expectations with their craftsmanship, and now they have a new place to relax after a long day of work!

  • A tree-mendous task: This tree already had a border around it to secure it from falling or tilting, but were moving in a different direction with their aesthetic and taste. Instead, our team replaced the old wood with sturdy, level bricks that are sure to hold!

  • A jaw dropping transformation: When these home owners first came to us, many parts of their yard were having trouble growing grass, and looked bare. Now, there are water-soaking ferns and bushes on the left, a wrap around garden bed in the corner, and new concrete that hosts patio furniture for the owners and their guests!