Here at Creative Scapes, we are happy to report that Spring has officially started!

No more doom and gloom from the winter months. Let the gardening begin!

With that being said, we have gathered a few of our best gardening hacks and listed them right here on this blog!

  1. Keep those used coffee grinds!: This hack has been widely debated over the years, but we can confidently state that spreading used coffee grinds in gardens adds nutrition to the soil, and deters slugs and snails!
  2. Have an excessive amount of pennies lying around?: If you are planning on utilizing a raised garden bed that isn’t too large, glue pennies around the top border to prevent snails and slugs from feasting on your plants! Copper is a natural pesticide for these guys!
  3. Keep your fingernails free of dirt!: Before you begin your day out in the garden or completing lawn work, run a bar of soap over your finger nails where dirt would normally get lodged! When you are done for the day, the soap will come right off, with no dirt left behind!
  4. Start a compost pile!: There is nothing more that plants love than natural composted soil! Find a corner of your lawn that you are not using and designate it as the compost pile. Before your know it, you’ll have the holy grail of soil right in your backyard!
  5. A milk jug makes a perfect watering can!: Still haven’t gotten to the hardware store for that watering can? Don’t fret! Grab that empty milk jug, heat up a needle, and poke multiple holes right in the lid! Voila!
  6. Herbs are your best friend: If you know the mosquitos love your yard, plant some herbs! These are natural deterrents for those pesky flies, and you also get the pleasure of having some of your favorite ingredients at hand!
  7. If the herbs don’t work, give us a call!: Creative Scapes now offers mosquito control! Our mosquito misting machine will keep mosquitos away for up to 28 days, and we will also provide a consultation on where their breeding grounds may be in your yard! Contact us today for more information!

We hope that these hacks will come in handy for your garden this Spring!

Happy gardening!