We don’t know about you, but for some reason, food tastes better when enjoyed outside with a beautiful landscape!

It doesn’t matter what meal is on the table; when it is paired with sunshine, fresh-cut grass, and your favorite beverage, it can’t be topped!

But if you are interested in upping your game in the cuisine department, we have a tip that you can easily boost your meals’ flavors: fresh herbs!

Yes, the dry seasonings you can grab from the store add some zest to your dish, but not quite like fresh herbs can! The best part about herbs? They are incredibly easy to grow right on your porch!

Here are 6 of our favorite herbs to grow!

  1. Chives: Place these seeds in a sunny spot, and they will take off! Note: when the chives start to come in, cut no more than a third of the bunch at a time.

chives creative scapes

2. Mint: Add this to your mojito, or save and dry the leaves for tea! But we do recommend that mint stays in a container. Mint loves to take all the area it can get, so if you plant it out of a container, be ready for an influx of this herb!

creative scapes mint

3. Parsley: When planting parsley, be sure to soak the seeds in warm water prior to putting them in the soil. This will encourage growth due to cracking the seed coat.

creative scapes parsley

4. Thyme: Worried about your herbs taking too long to plant? Don’t worry, this one won’t take up much of your “thyme”! In fact, thyme easily adapts to whatever soil it resides in and can be placed in a pot as small as four inches!

creative scapes thyme

5. Rosemary: This herb really adds a unique flavor to whatever dish it is added to! Cuttings can be taken from this plant and kept inside all winter until it is time to plant again!

creative scapes rosemary

6. Oregano: Here’s another plant that can be propagated through the cold months! When cooking with oregano, be sure to add it near the end of cooking. This will help the herb not lose its rich flavoring in the process.

Creative scapes oregano

All of these can either be directly sewn into the ground with healthy soil or in a pot right on your patio! Happy planting, and happy cooking!