Over the past year, the whole world was encouraged to stay home and decrease exposure to those who didn’t live in their household to lessen the spread of the virus.

Some were content with this lifestyle, especially the introverts that enjoy staying home and curling up with a book. Others were going stir crazy from not being able to partake in normal activities such as sports and concerts.

Now, over a year after quarantine began, I think it is safe to say that the majority of America is ready to get back to normal! Thanks to ongoing efforts, socializing is officially safe again.

What’s the first big event that you’ll plan for the reunion of friends and family? A 4th of July party? An “end of pandemic” party? Graduation party?

Regardless of the type of celebration, we couldn’t be more ecstatic for you!

Interested in sprucing up your lawn before your company arrives?

Here are a few ideas of what the Creative Scapes team could do with your lawn!

  • Fresh Cut: Nobody has better lines than the Creative Scapes mowing team! For the piece de resistance, give us a call to schedule your yard so all of your guests can be in awe of the lines too!

  • Patio Landing: For the perfect entertaining space, install a gorgeous patio that can perfectly fit a table and chairs for all of your loved ones!

  • Landscape lighting: Entertaining at night? Why not add some ambient lighting to your home to really enhance the party! Not only do we install lights in the front of your home, but they could also be placed on a patio!

  • Garden Pond: The project pictured below has to be one of our favorites! Who could blame us? Can’t you just hear the stream flowing right now? Just fire up the grill, pull up a chair, and relax for hours on end.

  • Edging and Mulching: Are your garden beds losing the initial luster that they had at the beginning of Spring? Not to worry; we can edge and mulch so your home will be nicely complemented by them!

For these and all of your landscaping needs, call Creative Scapes today at (513) 407-8185!