Summer is now in full swing, and while some of us enjoy the heat while lounging outside, others prefer a more shaded area where they can still relax outside. Here are four shady trees that could be a perfect addition to your lawn for years to come!

  • Weeping Willow: If you are looking for a medium-large sized tree, this well-known species is for you! Not only does it provide excellent shade, but it also radiates beauty with its long hanging branches, which provides the soothing rustle of leaves while lying beneath it.
  • Hybrid Poplar: This tall tree is most commonly used when needing shade fast, due to its speedy growth of 5 to 8 feet per year! If you are looking to plant a wall of trees lining a certain portion of your lawn, the Poplar is a perfect choice.
  • Paper Birch: Looking for something unique for your yard that still brings a classic feel? Paper Birch is a great choice for you! Known for its rich U.S. history, this birch and its eccentric bark will add a touch of style to your home.
  • Red Maple: Another speedy grower is the Red Maple, who adds a burst of color wherever needed! In the fall, the leaves turn from a green to a deep warm red. It also can grow up to 40′ spread, bringing you that well-needed shade all summer long.