With Summer in full swing now that the heat is here, many pests and bugs are returning from hibernation. Some of these bugs can be helpful to your lawn and garden growth, while others can injure and harm the plants that you work so hard to keep healthy. Here are some ways to prevent those pests from putting your yard in their path of destruction.

  • Water in the morning: If at all possible, try to water your plants in the morning. This not only helps them go through the hottest part of the day hydrated but prevents the plant from being damp at night, which has been known to attract bugs like slugs and snails.
  • Repellents: There are many remedies to keep pests out. Some of which include placing cornmeal on anthills. When the ants consume the cornmeal, they will die off and no longer reside in the area. If you have a larger pest such as a deer munching at plants, mothballs will repel them away due to their distinct smell. 
  • Clutter and debris: Pests naturally try to create their home in areas where a tree has fallen or a plant has died. Creative Scapes can clean and clear these items from your lawn in order to prevent the pests from moving in and are able to release beneficials to augment existing populations.