Summer entertaining is quickly approaching! Long nights under the stars and s’mores will soon be amongst us. What could make these special times even better? How about adding more aesthetically pleasing lighting to your outdoor space? Here are three types of lights that would add an excellent touch to your home.

  • Spotlights: This is the most common type of landscape lighting, and is positioned to where they are pointing at the home to create a nice effect, or on a different statement item such as a tree. These are most useful when you are trying to feature a certain aspect of your home or to just give a nice feel to your house at night.
  • Path Lights: Do you have a sidewalk that leads to your front door that could use some illumination? Or just a patio whose ends seem a little too hard to keep track of when entertaining guests? Lining the sides of sidewalks or decks with path lights not only decreases the risks of falling/walking off of them, but also adds extra lighting outdoors when hosting friends.
  • Hardscape: Do you already have preexisting patio seating or are planning to add brickwork in your yard? Hardscape features are lighting options that can be added directly into brick or other materials, most commonly on the underside of capstones. These are wonderful lighting additions if you are searching to capture the beauty of the stonework on your patio!