Our Mission

Our mission is to create and maintain lawns and landscapes which will provide our customers with a lifetime of gratification and value, as well as establishing a trusting relationship with our clients throughout the coming months and years. We value team work, responsiveness, consistency, and exceeding expectations.

Our Core Values

Team work   •   Exceeding Expectations   •   Responsiveness   •   Consistency

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a well-respected landscaping company in the Cincinnati area.  We partner with our clients from imagination through execution to create meaningful, enduring landscapes and continue to be a problem solver for all their outdoor needs.

Lawn Mowing Services

We are not a Cincinnati lawn mowing company that will come out and cut your lawn when the grass hasn’t grown or it is too wet to mow. You don’t want that, and neither do we.

We have someone to answer your calls 5 days a week between 7:30am – 3:30pm. This makes it nice for our customers who have specific needs for that day or week. Lawn maintenance in Cincinnati usually starts in the first few weeks of April, and it usually continues until the end of November, sometimes even into December.

We take a lot of pride in our customer’s yards. We will never leave your location until all work is completed the proper way. You will also find that our pricing is extremely competitive.

Please contact us to come and talk to you about your lawn mowing and maintenance needs and offer you a free estimate, which we can typically get back to you within 24 hours.

Pricing: $160/month minimum ($1,450 yearly)

Lawn Fertilizing

Fertilizing your lawn properly makes a huge difference on the richness, color, and life of your lawn.

Our lawn fertilizing program includes 5 steps that begin in March and end in late November. Our program gives your lawn the right amount of Nitrogen at the right times to keep it as green as possible all year round, and our carefully timed, pre and post emergent weed controls will keep your yard weed-free. We take our time on each application to be sure to get good coverage and notice and correct any problem areas in your lawn. Grub control is available if needed, and fertilizers, insect, and disease treatments are available for all the shrubs and trees in your landscape.

Hire us to mow your lawn, and we can time the application of fertilizers to work most effectively with your mowing schedule. We have the experts on staff who have the proper licensing and credentials to create a custom program for you lawn that will envy your neighbors!

We also offer affordable organic options!

Please contact us for a free estimate or just a second opinion about lawn fertilizing or any other landscaping service needs.

Pricing: $53.70 minimum per application ($322.22 yearly).  Organic $77 minimum per application.  ($462.00 yearly)

Landscape Maintenance

If you are going to spend money on a quality landscape, doesn’t it make sense to keep it weed-free, well-kept, and healthy?

Our landscape technicians will visit your landscape on a regular basis to pull and spray weeds in the flowerbeds, prune as needed, with an emphasis on hand pruning. They will also report any problem areas that they notice. Our knowledgeable crew members have the expertise and equipment to do the job right and efficiently! This service is inexpensive and is one of the best investments you can make in your landscape by maximizing its beauty and health.

Pricing: Average range $165.00 – $275.00

Spring Clean Up

Spring landscape maintenance is one of the most important steps a residence or business can do for their existing landscape.  This is typically our first time out to our customers’ yards for the year.  Our spring clean up includes the following: 

  • Cleaning up leaves, debris, dead material in shrubs
  • Picking up trash / sticks
  • De-weeding beds
  • Shaping and corrective pruning of  some plant material
  • Cutting back roses, grasses and other perennials
  • Applying a pre-emergence herbicide application (helps prevent germination of weed seeds)
  • Fertilizer application for shrubs
  • Applying a fresh layer mulch to your landscaped beds and trees

We also offer regular bed maintenance, which includes pulling and spraying weeds in your beds, pruning trees and shrubs as needed, and we’ll also rejuvenate your mulch. This keeps the mulch fluffy and helps it keep its color too.

Please contact us for a free estimate on this very important landscaping service!

Pricing: Average range $205.00 – $365.00

Fall Clean Up

Creative Scapes should be on your schedule for fall!

Fall Maintenance is an important step in taking care of your Cincinnati landscaping. Winter is on its way, and it’s important to care for your plants the right way so that they will be ready for the next coming spring. Fall is a great time to prune your trees and shrubs, rake plant material and leaves out of your flower beds and lawn area, and also add some color to your flower beds with some hardy fall mums.

Creative Scapes can clean them out of your flowerbeds, gutters, and yard and haul them away.

Pricing: Average range $245.00 – $425

Please contact us for more information about Creative Scapes Fall Landscape Maintenance services.

Landscape Lighting

Want to see what your house looks “lit up?”  Call today to have one of our lighting experts come to set up a demo set at no charge.

Whether you want to install just a few pathway lights or completely light up your entire landscape, we are here to help! With outdoor lighting, you can enjoy your landscape at all hours of the day. Outdoor lighting also adds security and gives you that peace of mind feeling!

Pricing: $1,200 – 1,500 (small)  |  $1,500-$2,500 (medium)  |  $2,500+ (large)

Contact us today to find more about our lifetime warranty lighting systems!

Holiday Lighting

Looking to have your home look a bit more festive for the holiday season? Give us a call.

Christmas decorating is such a special tradition that many hold dear, especially because it means having quality time with loved ones! There is nothing like sipping on eggnog, putting up the tree, and having a Christmas special playing in the background. However, when it comes to decorating the outside of your home, things can get a little more dangerous! Climbing up a ladder to reach the tallest peak of your home, or spending all of those hours out in the cold is zero fun.

See some photos of our work

But there is a perfect solution to your problem! Creative Scapes Landscaping Team can be your “helpful elves” by decorating your home before the Christmas season is in full swing! Give us a call today for more information on our Holiday services!

Pricing:  $500-$1,100 (small)  |  $1,200-$2,400 (medium)  |  $2,500+ (large)

Snow Removal

Ever wish someone else would shovel and salt the sidewalks, plow the parking lot, and prevent accidental slips so you didn’t have to worry about the whole mess?

Creative Scapes can do it for you, on time, every time.

We offer a full-service, Cincinnati residential and commercial snow removal service complete with snow shoveling of walkways, patios, and decks. De-Icing is always available. Every one of our truck drivers are experienced and will treat your property with the respect and attention it deserves. We are always ready, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Don’t wait for a big storm to figure out what to do with a parking lot packed with snow – contact us and schedule this service now. You’ll be thankful you did (and you’ll probably feel pretty smart too).

Pricing: Residential driveways start at $80 per occurrence (includes sidewalk(s) and salt)

Tree & Shrub Removal / Care

In effort to provide our customers with the best possible plant health care services, we are excited to have a strategic partnership with Bartlett Tree Experts.  A company that was founded in 1907 by Frances A. Bartlett, BTS is the foremost expert on the care of trees in the United States. As a valued client of Creative Scapes, a Bartlett Professional can visit your home to  inspect your trees for health and safety issues.  We will then forward their recommendations as well as their fair pricing as we get them.

Our arrangement with Bartlett Tree Experts is just one of the many ways we are working hard to keep your landscaping looking its best as well as making us your Full Service, One Stop Shop landscaping company!  Below are some of the many tree and shrub care services we offer:

Pest Management Program

We can use an integrated approach to managing insects and diseases that begins with maintaining plant health using sound cultural practices, including pruning and creating optimal soil conditions for plant growth. Periodic inspections are essential to detect pest infestations before they reach damaging levels. Our partnered arborists are trained to recognize beneficial insects that will help naturally suppress pest populations, and we also release beneficials to augment existing populations.  We also offer Organic Options!

Fall Fertilizing and Soil Care

Healthy plants begin with healthy soils. Fertilization is just the start. Adjusting soil pH and ensuring adequate organic matter is present are also key to healthy soils. For plants in urban and suburban soils, our partnered experts can simulate the optimal conditions for growth found in nature.

Our partners offer the most intensive soil care programs in the landscape industry. Before fertilization is performed, soil samples are taken from the property and analyzed.

Tree and Shrub Pruning

Whether it be pruning at 60 year old oak tree or a smaller, multi-stem ornamental tree, we can prune it the correct way!

Tree and Shrub Removal

Our goal is, and has always been, to provide services that keep lawns and landscapes healthy — and that does include trees.  But there are instances when removal is the best alternative for the landscape and homeowner and when that time comes, we are here to help!

Tree removals are performed to eliminate dead and dying trees as well as those that have become hazardous. Removals can also be useful in eliminating competition for light and space so that the remaining plants are better able to grow and thrive. In some cases, trees may also be removed to allow for new construction, home additions and to provide clearances with those structures.

Our partnered arborists are highly trained to work safely and efficiently in all tree removals. We provide thorough clean up of debris and strive to minimize the impact to surrounding vegetation.

Pricing: $265 per visit minimum ($795 yearly)

Mosquito Control

Here at Creative Scapes we want you to enjoy the yard and not have to deal with pests, especially the ones who bite. When we are brought to control these pests, this is what you can expect from us and our commitment to getting your yard back to that enjoyable space.

Using a mosquito misting machine designed for precise application, your technician targets shrubs and plants especially the underside of such plants with a barrier spray that kills mosquitoes on contact and bonds to foliage, where it acts as a mosquito repellent for weeks to come. Within 30 minutes of spraying, your yard is ready for family and pets to come out and play. The products we use keep the biting insects at bay for up to 28 days.

We will also help you identify potential mosquito breeding grounds in your yard and recommend ways to eliminate standing water or debris that houses these insects. We will leave notes at the site with information on what we did and any recommendations. You do not have to be home at the time of service we will just have to be able to access the entire yard to make sure treatment is applied and can be effective. We do offer a
call ahead if you would like to know when we would be out to service your property. You will be put on a 28-day cycle and if some reason you need additional help or an the additional application you can contact us to set up.

Pricing: 1/4 acre $59 1/2 acre $69   1 acre plus, pricing starts at $95.  Organic option is same cost, just more frequent visits.

Edging + Mulching

Coming soon!

Pricing: Price Range: $500-$1,000 (small)  |  $1,000-$2,500 (medium)  |  $2,500+ (large)

New Landscape Installation

Coming soon!

Pricing: Price Range: $2,500 – $4,000


Contact Us for a Consultation

Serving customers within our service radius of Cincinnati, including Anderson Township, Pierce Township, Amelia, Batavia, Newtown, Eastgate, Mt. Washington and all surrounding communities. If you are in the market of first class landscaping service, contact us today – we are able to come out and give you a free estimate the same day, or the next in most cases.