Is your yard feeling the heat with the high temperatures this summer? We get it. It can be tough to keep up with your lawn during such a packed time of the year. Here are some tips on how you can preserve vibrant green grass during the summer: 

  •  Water your Lawn in the Morning: If you have a sprinkler system or hose that you use to water your grass and plants, be sure to do so in the morning before the sun comes out. Taking this preventative measure will help lock moisture in before the heat hit. After all, much wilting occurs from the damaging rays of the sun. Be sure to water consistently in order to get the best results, but be sure not to overwater to prevent fungal diseases from growing.
  • Mow High: It could be possible that you have your mower set too low, so the mower is actually scalping your lawn. Instead, set the mower to a higher setting that will leave the grass at about 3 inches high. This will encourage the roots of the grass to grow deep er and stronger.
  • Apply Fertilizer: Contact Creative Scapes about how they can assist you in having the greenest yard with their fertilizer. We take our time with consultations and ensure that you will be happy with your decision.