As winter continues, we grow closer each day to restarting spring and summer regular care for your lawn. What can you (Or Creative Scapes) do to keep your lawn in good shape before spring starts?

  • Remove leaves: Leaves and other debris laying on your grass can prevent the growth of grass when warm weather comes back around. Creative Scapes provides clean up services, including flower beds and even gutters.
  • Fertilize: Although fertilizing might seem impractical during the winter, it ends up helping your lawn kickstart its growth when the warm temperatures return. Healthy nutrients will give an extra boost to the first growth stages of the lawn.
  • Prune: Before the cold says goodbye, pruning your plants can increase the protection and health of them. Be sure to do so only a short amount of time before spring to ensure that the open wound of the plant can grow. And if you aren’t savvy in the pruning department, let us give you a helping hand! 

Winter can be a finicky time to keep up with lawn care, but with Creative Scapes and all of the services we offer, your lawn will be ready for the spring. Questions on more lawn care needs? Contact us at (513)407-8185.