Is there a blank spot in your yard that’s looking a little sad? Or maybe you just feel like adding some more color to your lawn? Building a new flower bed is the perfect addition that your lawn needs! Here are a few tips on flower beds and how to spark some inspiration.

  • Location, location, location: Based on the location of the blank area in your lawn, it could be an incredibly sunny area or a rather shady area. Regardless, keep in mind the location. If you place a flower that thrives off of the sun, it would be best if you didn’t plant the flower in a shady flower bed. The same goes for planting a plant that doesn’t hold structure on a hill. Rather, perennials that can anchor the flower bed down would be much more fitting for the setting.
  • Don’t forget the weed barrier: These useful black sheets held in place and hidden by mulch. Weed barriers prevent pesky unwanted weeds from stealing nutrients from the plants in the flower bed and are far more effective than the black plastic sheets that restrict the plant more than it helps.
  • Color palettes: Before heading to your local store to gear up, brainstorm some colors that you think would fit the setting in your landscape. This may be a defining factor in your overall choices, especially if looks are everything when it comes to your new flower bed.