Okay, so maybe not all of the leaves are raining down quite yet, but it is coming soon enough! Summer has come and gone, and now we shift from taking a dip in the pool, to taking in the fresh, crisp air of fall! Although we at Creative Scapes love the Summer, especially since it is when we get to really help our customers with their lawns, Fall is a great for many things.

  • Leaf clean up: Keeping your lawn in top shape at all times of the year is our number one priority. Let us help you achieve this by clearing off those pesky leaves so you and others can see your lawn for what it truly is: a work of art!
  • Patio work: Thinking of adding a patio or pergola to your outdoor living space? Although many believe that Summer is the best time to get new additions to the home, we say that Fall is just as good of a time as any to help you create your perfect home.
  • Landscape maintenance: Continue to show those trees and plants in your flowerbed some love by hiring us for landscape maintenance! We will not only work to make sure that your home looks beautiful, but also check the health of the plants so they can continue to bloom and grow for many years to come.