As the Cincinnati Spring rains approach, it is important now more than ever to ensure that your lawn has what it needs to drain properly. Here are some issues that could arise if your lawn isn’t taken care of properly:

  • Soggy Lawn: With the April showers, sometimes it can rain as much as 21 days, which makes for many inches of rain that can gather in puddles around your lawn. Clearing the debris from where the rain should be draining can prevent this from happening.
  • Drying Plants: Even if there is a substantial amount of rain, if the plant is in an area where rain tends to veer away from, it can quickly dry out. 
  • Foundation Issues: If the rain is ponding near your home’s foundation, it can create damages in the concrete that could create costly fixes in the future.

April showers can be very beneficial to the growth of your lawn, but only if drainage is taken care of properly. For all of your landscaping needs, contact Creative Scapes at (513) 407- 8185.