Although it might feel that 2020 just started, the hot temperatures of summer are fast approaching! Gathering and spending time with friends and family will be here before we know it. Will you be hosting much of the festivities? Would you like your house to be more utilized for those purposes? Here are 3 great landscaping additions for the summer.

  • Pergola: This beautiful structure can create a beautiful focal point to your garden, and provide a lovely area of shade for you and your guests to sip sweet tea under. Pergolas can also be dressed up with vines or curtains in order to match your vision for this aesthetically pleasing addition.
  • Outdoor fireplace: A fireplace is a great place for all of your guests to gather around. In fact, people tend to gravitate towards them! If you are a fan of s’mores, or just the crackling sound of wood burning, a fireplace might be the addition for you!
  • Garden ponds: Our last recommendation also has a soothing sound that comes along with it, but instead it is the sound of flowing water! Garden ponds add an extra layer of elements to your space, and also open up the opportunity to add more plants that thrive in garden ponds, such as Creeping Jenny and Sweet Flag!