• Spring Landscape Maintenance

  • Spring landscape maintenance is one of the most important steps a residence or business can do for their existing landscape.  This typically is our first time out to our customers yards for the year.  Our spring clean up includes the following: 

    • Cleaning up leaves, debris, dead material in shrubs
    • Picking up trash / Sticks 
    • De-weeding beds
    • Shaping and corrective pruning of  some plant material
    • Cutting back roses, grasses and other perennials 
    • Applying a pre-emergence herbicide application (helps prevent germination of weed seeds)
    • Fertilizer application for shrubs.

    We also offer regular bed maintenance, which includes us coming out and pulling/spraying weeds in your beds, pruning trees and shrubs as needed, and we’ll also rejuvenate your mulch. This keeps the mulch fluffy and helps it keep its color too.

    Please contact us for a free estimate on this very important landscaping service!