• Lawn Aeration

  • Soils that have been compacted due to high traffic, or just dry weather, need to be aerated. In these situations, there is little oxygen in the soil, causing water and nutrients to have difficulty getting down through the soil to the roots of your lawn where it is needed.

    Creative Scapes can and aerate your lawn; fall is the best time to do this.  

    How can you tell if your Cincinnati lawn needs aeration?

    The first thing to consider is the type of soil. Lawns grown in clay soils typically will benefit by regular aeration. 

    Second, if water sits on your lawn for long periods of time, or drains away with little seeping in, your lawn will benefit by aeration. 

    Third, if you are properly caring for you lawn, but it just doesn’t have the color and vitality you expect, aeration is likely in order.

    We are the best in the business when it comes to your lawn. We have experts that can create a program for your lawn that will keep your yard looking at it's best!

    Please contact us for a free estimate or just a second opinion about lawn aeration, or any other landscaping service needs.